Will North Florida get shorted once again? - Stand Up For North Florida

Will North Florida get shorted once again?

Will North Florida get shorted once again?

Last fall, a group of us created a coalition with the aim of educating the cities and counties across North Florida about the inequity of state conservation funding and how a huge majority — more than 75 percent in 2016 — of conservation and water project funding was going to South Florida.

Our coalition hoped that if North Florida could stand together, perhaps they could demand a greater amount of funding for much needed conservation and water projects here at home. Funding that could help us protect our rivers, lakes, springs, and beaches. These natural resources are a vital part of our tourism, economy, and way of life.

We feared, and rightfully so, that a proposal by Senate President Joe Negron to spend $1.5 billion in South Florida on a single reservoir would further jeopardize our chances of receiving the dollars our region needs and deserves. And not just now, but for the next 20 years.