Stand Up For North Florida!

Don’t let our elected officials forget about North Florida!

In 2017, the Everglades and South Florida received 85 percent of all state water and conservation funding, and each year that number grows. Yet some groups want even more money sent down South! They are playing politics with our water, and putting North Florida conservation efforts in jeopardy. We need to protect North Florida's springs, lakes and rivers too. We need our elected officials to stand up and protect North Florida!


North and Central Florida are home to 70 percent of Florida's river watersheds.

Florida has more than 1,000 freshwater springs, most of which are in North and Central Florida.

75% of Florida’s springs have nitrate levels high enough to cause shifts in the ecosystems.

North and Central Florida provide nearly all of the recharge into the Floridan aquifer that provides Florida with much of our drinking water.