Council Member Wants More Jacksonville Conservation Dollars - Stand Up For North Florida

Council Member Wants More Jacksonville Conservation Dollars

From WJCT:

Jacksonville City Councilman Matt Schellenberg wants to urge the state to dedicate more conservation dollars to Northeast and Central Florida.

His resolution says too much money is going to projects down south.

“I think that we need to be as aggressive as other areas of Florida and I think we should not be left out and that’s why I want to send a message through the City Council, through our local delegation and to the state legislators that we should be considered and allocated properly in the disbursement of that money,” Schellenberg said.

If the bill passes, it let’s Florida legislators know council members support more environmental funding.

The money Schellenberg is referring to is revenue from a real estate transaction tax. In 2014, voters agreed to earmark 1/3 of it for land conservation and restoration. Last year, the bulk of that money went to the Everglades and surrounding areas.

Schellenberg said Jacksonville could also use help to deal with septic tank runoff that’s polluting the river.